Chairman Message

I welcome you and your child to a new experience in Nursing education. An experience that will leave the both of you with a new outlook on life. Welcome to Guru Gobind Singh College of Nursing Barnala. An education initiative by the Guru Gobind Singh Medical & Educational Trust that has earned a distinct reputation in the field of Nursing education in Punjab . As a progressive, learning- centric, we are committed to creating individuals who can become a part of an evolving global environment and to further this endeavour, we have created world class infrastructure and wholesome learning and socialising environments that are innovative and enriching. Our superior Student Management Policy provides an effective framework to ensure that students are managed with respect and assisted to make informed, appropriate choices about all aspects of their school life. This philosophy enables us to assist students to be responsible, independent thinkers and fosters an environment that enables both students and facilitators to maximize their learning opportunities. Top-notch faculty promote learning as a process that is both challenging and responsible. We believe that Nursing education is a process that should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life long process. All without compromising on sound ethical values.